Light Jets 

Light jets feature a pressurized cabin and can cruise at altitudes much higher than a turbo-prop. Offering a smooth, quiet ride is an advantage to move up to a jet class. These aircraft are economical for short to mid-range trips. 5-7 passengers, cruising speed of 400-560 mph and a non-stop range of 1,500 miles. Perfect for all of your short private jet charter needs.

Beechjet 400  Beechjet 400A   Citation Bravo   Citation CJ1 Citation CJ2   Citation Ultra        Citation V   Falcon 10 Hawker 400XP   Learjet 24   Learjet 25   Learjet 31A  Learjet 35                     Learjet 45   Premier I   Westwind I 

Midsize Jets 

Providing comfort of larger jets with the agility of smaller aircraft, this class of private jets is the most versatile. 7-9 passengers, cruising speed of 510-590 mph and a non-stop range of 2,100 miles. When you demand a little more space on your next charter flight, a midsize jet is the perfect fit.

Astra   Citation Excel   Citation III Citation VII   Falcon 20   Hawker 700  Hawker 800XP   Hawker 900    Learjet 55   Learjet 60 

Super Mid Jets 

Ideal for executive travel, these jets have a larger cabin and cross-country range. 8-10 passengers, cruising speed of 490-590 mph and a non-stop range of 3,400-3,600 miles. The ultimate in space and luxury in a private jet, without the expense of a Heavy Jet. Book a Super Mid Jet for your next charter flight.

Citation X   Falcon 50  Falcon 2000  GulfStream 200   Hawker 1000  Legacy 650 Challenger 300

Heavy Jets 

The cruising speed and comfort of a heavy jet is unsurpassed in the private aviation industry. 9-15 passengers, cruising speed of 500-560 mph and a non-stop range of 4,000 miles (Trans-Atlantic). For a long trip or a larger party, a Heavy Jet will provide the space and comfort you want for your next private jet charter flight.

Challenger 600   Challenger 601   Challenger 604,605  Falcon 900  Global Express  Gulfstream III   Gulfstream IV   Gulfstream V  Gulfstream 650  Boeing Business Jet

Very Light Jets 

Very light jets are a class of private jet between turbo props and lights jets. Designed for single pilot operation, very light jets seat 4-8 people. Their range averages around 1,100 miles and can fly as high as 12,500m. Very light jets are ideal for point-to-point air taxi service since the cost is lower and they are capable of operating on shorter runways.

Citation Mustang     Eclipse 500     Embraer Phenom 100

Turbo Props 

Cheyenne 400   Grand Caravan   King Air 90   King Air 100King Air 200   King Air 300/350   Pilatus PC-12   Piper NavajoPiper Chieftan   Piper Aztec  


Agusta 109  Bell Jet Ranger  Bell Long RangerMD  902Sikorsky S-76Dauphin

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